AGRO-TECEI Consultants was founded in 2006 and comprises a multidisciplinary group of professionals (agricultural economists and politicians, accountants and specialists in human resources) of long career in the agricultural sector.  They mission is to provide excellence in commercial advice, market research & consultancy for the agricultural community. The firm also has an extensive network of informants and strategic alliances to exchange information and develop worldwide projects.
The company provides market research (quantitative and qualitative studies) and information and analysis of local and international grain and input markets for the agricultural chain. Among his clients are large multinational companies as well as elevators, seed vendors and a wide range of farmers. He has conducted many consultancy studies, among the most important ones are:

Argentine Agribusiness Opportunities in the Post-Kirchner era

- "Viability of beef and agricultural businesses in the North of Argentina"

- "Potential development for agriculture in areas near the ports of Bahia Blanca and Necochea (southern province of Buenos Aires, Argentina )"        

"Investment Opportunities in Agribusiness in Argentina and the implications of the new era of Agriculture and Biofuels" (done in conjunction with Informaeconomics U.S.).    

-  Control Panel designs for the conversion of agricultural enterprises.

- "Sunflower triangle: Argentina, Russia, Ukraine". Competitive environment, investing opportunities and prospects for 2009-2011 (done with APK-Inform Ucrania)

One of its founders-managers, the Bachelor of Agricultural Economics Sebastian Olivero, from the mid `90 specializes in the analysis of agricultural markets (previously was senior consultant in Sparks South America and Agromanagement Manager in Agropuerto SA). The other, the Bachelor of Economics John C. Olivero, was in charge of the Argentinean National Bureau of Statistics, Director of the Economy Department of Arthur Andersen Argentina, afterwards, Ernst & Young and have been advising farming and industrial companies for over 25 years.  Both have given many lectures in Argentina and globally as well as training courses on grain and fertilizer markets, marketing strategies, risk management, decision making and political economy. They have published numerous articles and participated in various specialized programs on radio and television. They are coauthors of "History, future and value of the Argentine Rural sector”. Mr. John Olivero is also author of "Argentinian paradoxes, contradictions and dualities”