Sebastián Olivero

Senior Consultant. Sebastian leads the agricultural research division, consulting projects and training courses. He is responsible for handling commodities investment portfolio, he manages all commercial aspects with customer, and provides clients with trading strategies in spot and futures and options markets. In addition, Mr. Olivero travels the world giving dissertations and advanced training courses in Argentina and globally on Analysis of Grain Markets, Strategies of Commercialization, and Risk Management, among others. He participates in T.V and radio shows focused in his area of expertice. He is professor of Agricultural Commercialization at the University of Belgrano, author of numerous articles published in the main newspapers and specialized magazines and co- author of the book "Trajectory, future and value of the Argentinean rural sector". Previously he worked as Financial Analyst for E-Trade Securities, Inc in the U.S.A., as Senior Agribusiness Consultant for Sparks Inc. in its Argentinean subsidiary and as Agromanagement Manager in Agropuerto. He has a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economy from the University of Belgrano in Argentina and Graduate Studies in Administration & Management at Harvard University in the United States of America.

Juan Cayetano Olivero

Director of AGRO-T.E.C.E.I Consultants. Responsible for the Statistics, Economy and Politics Area, consulting projects and educational and training courses. He was in charge of the Argentinean National Bureau of Statistics during five and a half years. While he was in charge of this position, he fulfilled missions in the United States of America, United Kingdom, France and Germany and was in charge of organizing the National Census of Population and Housing and Farming. Subsequently, he held the position of Director of the Economy Department of Arthur Andersen Argentina, afterwards, Ernst & Young, during 20 years. He advised farming, industrial and service companies. In the international field, he was President of the Organization Committee of the Statistics International Institute. He was President of the VIII Interamerican Conference of Statistics and Vice-president of the Commission for National Statistics Improvement of America. He has given many lectures in Argentina and around the world about global economic framework and the situation and outlook of different economic sectors, especially farming and mining. In the academic field, he was Assistant, Associate and Regular Professor of the National University of Buenos Aires. He is the author of the book "Argentinian paradoxes, contradictions and dualities and co- author of "Trajectory, future and value of the Argentinean rural sector". He published numerous articles in the main newspapers and specialized magazines. He has a bachelor's degree in Economy from the National University of Buenos Aires. He specialized in the analysis of short term economy at the Industrial Organization School in Madrid, Spain.

Peyman Chegini

Senior Consultant and advisor in the area of market analysis and trading strategies. He was Vice-President of Goldenhit Company Argentina and legal representative of Goldenhit Company Uruguay. He manages agricultural enterprises with special emphasis on risk management and commercial advise. He was manager of Southbeef, a beef export company. Previously he occupied senior positions in the Andreani logistics group. He graduated in Business Administration and he is Futures and Options Agricultural operator.

Paula Sambusini

Senior consultant and responsible for the market research and training area in AGRO- T.E.C.E.I Consultants. Paula Sambusini has worked with Siemens Argentina in the area of Human Resources (Jobs and Training of young professionals) where she has coordinated and designed activities for the development and performance improvement of management. She is oriented to the field of self-development as a means of successfully fulfilling objectives. Paula has traveled abroad on field work and to meet the key people in self-development and personal improvement. She has a Magister's degree in Psychology and specializes in learning processes. At present she is working on the publishing of her new book "No renuncies a tus sueños" ("Do not give your dreams up").