New Study: Argentine Agribusiness Opportunities in the Post-Kirchner era

The Argentinean agricultural sector is the only one with the capacity to rapidly increase its output and exportable surpluses and thereby generate foreign exchange and new jobs the country urgently needs. Politicians are well aware of this challenging situation and therefore it is expected that the new Mauricio Macri-led administration is introducing new policies. The most affected products in recent years are likely to have the fastest recovery. Wheat, corn (maize), meat and dairy are expected to be among the main beneficiaries. In turn, this would enable improvements in the fertilizer, agrochemicals and genetic industries (both plant and animal). 


AGRO-T.E.C.E.I. and Informa Economics together have finished a consultancy study about Investment Opportunities in Agribussiness in Argentina and the implications of the new era of agriculture and biofuels. In order to see methodogical details, analyzed and work team, please refer to the following:

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Books published

“Trayectoria, futuro y Valor del sector rural argentino” (“Trajectory, future and value of the Argentinian rural sector”) by Juan Cayetano Olivero and Sebastián Olivero.

The book analyses the past, present and future of the rural sector. It objects to the questioning of many on the sector and it points out some mistakes at the moment of interpreting the agribusiness reality. It explains why the rural sector is the backbone of the country, highlighting the need to bring society in general closer to rural life. The authors underline the necessity of civic participation through politics, NGO’s and agricultural events.

“Paradojas, contradicciones y dualidades argentinas- Un enfoque axiológico para interpretar y construir la Nación” (“Argentinian paradoxes, contradictions and dualities- An axiological approach to interpret and build the Nation”) by Juan Cayetano Olivero.

Quoting Néstor O. Scibona, economic columnist of La Nación newspaper, “this is not one more diagnose of Argentina”. This is research that goes beyond the merely economic and looks into the cultural and psychological reasons for the ways of our nation, seeking to analyze the roots of our being. The author makes of “values” the core of this investigation. For Adalberto Rodríguez Giavarini, former Chancellor of the Nation and writer of the prologue of this work, “this book will mean an important input for the construction of a realistic utopia, feasible for argentinians to get to the point”